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Sleek and Sophisticated Eames Style Daw Chair
The DAW chair is an iconic piece of furniture inspired by Eames and designed in 1948. It is a dining chair that comes in various models/versions. It was one of the winning entries in the 1948 New York Museum of Modern Art’s international ‘low-cost furniture design competition’.

The chair’s design resulted from groundbreaking processes and new materials at the time. In the 1950s, it became the first mass-produced plastic chair and has since remained an iconic piece that defines an era while remaining timeless.

The chair features an injection-moulded ABS seat mounted onto beech dowel legs with a high-grade lacquered steel frame, faithful to the original design.
The Contemporary Iconic Chair
The Eames DAW replica plastic chair boasts a sleek, modern design with smooth edges, a wide sunken seat, and a sturdy plastic frame in various attractive colours. The chair’s beech legs and lightweight plastic material make it durable and comfortable, ensuring years of enjoyment in any area of your home. With its wooden legs and ergonomic design, this armchair will offer exceptional sitting comfort for all who use it.
How To Clean?
To clean your Eames Daw replica chair, gently wipe the moulded plastic shell

and wooden legs with a dry cloth. Avoid water or any chemical-based cleaning products.
Elegant Lineup of Classic Seating
Who wouldn’t want stunning furniture for living, dining, and office spaces? Especially if you love the timeless elegance of an Eames-style rocking chair, perfect for enjoying a cosy cup of coffee while browsing your phone in the living room. And imagine the beauty a gorgeous original tulip chair could bring to your dining room! Don’t hesitate to reach out now or explore our collections for more exquisite options!